Just a place to post my stuff.

17.05.2023: Added new drawing by Kikimihukuri to the gallery. 

22.01.2023: Added new drawing by Seo to the gallery.

11.12.2022: Added new drawing by Shize to the gallery.
02.10.2022: Added new game "Gigantic Journey - Part 1".
29.09.2022: Added new drawing by rakiA to the gallery.
25.08.2022: Added new story "The Fatal Stroll", written by Nicholl. 

26.07.2022: Added new drawing by David to the gallery. 

 25.05.2022: Added new drawing to the gallery. 

25.04.2022: Added new story "Kyoko", written by Emma Gear.
29.03.2022: Added new drawing to the gallery.
10.03.2022: A Spanish translation of GBA Episodes 1-3 can be found here: https://www.giantesspanish.com/
12.01.2022: Added 5 manga pages to the gallery.
06.01.2022: Added new drawing by Shize to the gallery.
06.12.2021: Added new story "Dream Come True", written by Emma Gear.
24.11.2021: Added new drawing by Exrumya to the gallery.
21.11.2021: A demo of my upcoming game can be found under "Games".

04.11.2021: Added new story "Kyoko in the tiny City", written by Sheograth.
03.10.2021: Added new drawing by Ray to the gallery.